Typically used to open and close water ski shows, pyramids are considered the highlight. With ornate costumes and amazing teamwork, you can count on pyramids to bring the crowd to their feet.

To perform a pyramid, skiers must first start from a dock or in the water. After the tow boat reaches the correct speed, the pyramid starts taking shape as the second tier climbs across the bases and gets into position. Finally the top tier(s) climb into position and the pyramid is compete.

Another variation is the pre-built or “hot” pyramid. Adding a whole new level of difficulty, the “hot” pyramid is pre-built on the dock and goes from zero to skiing speed in the completed pyramid configuration. Successful execution requires but one thing from all participants, perfection. But when it works it’s just like the name implies, “hot.”

The pyramid symbolizes everything show skiing is about; teamwork, trust, and athletic ability.